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Connecting Our
Community Globally

Welcome to the online directory of Bhatias
residing globally. Our initiative is aimed at
bringing together the community,  sharing
news, announcements and events.

Recently Registered Family Profiles

Pradeep Gandhi & family from India Sharad Bhatia & family from India
Bharat Bhatia Bharat Bhai & family from India Ashvin  Ashar & family from India
Ashvin  Ashar & family from India Kumud Bhatia & family from India
Bharatkumar Ramaiya & family from India Kanaiyalal Ashar & family from India
Krunal Ved & family from India Deepak  Bhatia & family from India
Late Bhagwandas Monani & family from India Shailesh Udeshi & family from India
Krashnakumar Asher & family from United Kingdom Dineshchandra Negandhi & family from India
Shailesh Ved & family from India Narendra Gajaria & family from India
Mohanlal Bhatia & family from India Jiten  Soni & family from India
Shantikumar Ashar & family from India Shantikumar Ashar & family from India

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Bhatia Matrimonial

Global Bhatias Online Directory is providing this online matrimonial registration service for our community members.

Here you will find a list of prospective brides and grooms whom you can contact. We wish you all the best, and look forward to your continued support.

Matrimonial Brides Matrimonial Grooms
Komal Sampat : 26 yrs from Mumbai
Devanshi : 27 yrs from Mumbai
Nimesh Bhatia : 32 yrs from Mumbai
Rupali N.Sampat : 38 yrs from Mumbai
Name not disclosed : 29 yrs from Mumbai
Forum Dutia : 27 yrs from Ajman
Name not disclosed : 38 yrs from mumbai
Nisha Harish Gandhi : 41 yrs from Allentown
Urvi Nikhil Asher : 29 yrs from Vasai Road West, Mumbai
Reena Kapadia : 33 yrs from Mumbai
Jyoti B : 35 yrs from Mumbai
Pravesh C.Sampat : 26 yrs from Chennai
Krutika Dainesh Sampat : 23 yrs from Muscat, Oman
Radhika K Bhatia : 27 yrs from Mumbai
Name not disclosed : 27 yrs from Mumbai
Swati Bhatia : 28 yrs from GHAZIABAD
Name not disclosed : 28 yrs from MUMBAI
Bijal Mukadam : 25 yrs from Baroda/ Gujarat
Jyoti B : 35 yrs from Mumbai
Chirag Bhatiya - Paleja : 35 yrs from Bhuj, Kutch
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Devin Hemant Swali : 26 yrs from Houston Texas
Kashyap Ashvin Ashar : 27 yrs from Mumbai
Chintan Ramaiya : 32 yrs from Fremont
Lokesh Lalla : 27 yrs from JODHPUR
Ashish Gondalia : 26 yrs from Vapi
Hardik Ashar : 27 yrs from Muscat
Ankit Negandhi : 26 yrs from Mumbai
Krupesh Negandhi : 29 yrs from Mumbai
Puneet Pradeep Sampat : 30 yrs from Dallas
Chirag Paleja : 36 yrs from bhuj,Gujarat
Kirtibhai Kanaiyalal Ashar : 42 yrs from MORBI
Raxit Gandhi : 24 yrs from Nagpur
Nimesh Purshottam Bhatia : 32 yrs from MUSCAT
Bharat Bhatia : 37 yrs from Varanasi
Prashant Vijay Ved : 23 yrs from Vasai west
Jiten V. Ashar : 31 yrs from Dubai
Name not disclosed : 38 yrs from Mumbai
Mrugesh Dineshchandra Negandhi : 34 yrs from Mumbai
Name not disclosed : 26 yrs from MUMBAI
Chaitnaya Bhatia, d : 32 yrs from Chennai
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